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The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication Online MA Strategic Communication
Professor Graham Dixon, Ph.D.
Professor Graham Dixon, Ph.D.

Program Objectives

There are two primary objectives for the Online MA Strategic Communication program. These include:

1) producing quality students who possess the theoretical foundation and practical  knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields and

2) training individuals who will perform at the highest level of both professional and ethical standards.

In keeping with the recommendations of the Commission on Public Relations Education for professional master’s degrees[1], our program will combine professional skill development with training in ethical decision-making. This dual emphasis seeks to honor the legacy of Edward R. Murrow, our college’s namesake.  Murrow set professional standards for what was then the emerging broadcast news industry. He also was one of the industry’s strongest critics who urged its practitioners to rise to the industry’s potential for serving justice and for fostering democratic institutions.

Similarly, the goal of the MA Strategic Communication is to train individuals who will perform at the highest level of both professional and ethical standards, who will both define and improve the industry while in the service of just and democratic societies.

[1] Ibid, p. 4.

Student Learning Outcomes

Ashely R. '16
Ashely R. ’16
(1) Demonstrate knowledge of strategic, entrepreneurial communication skills such as managing online presence, self and organizational presentation, and collaboration in an increasingly global world.


(2) Ability to gather and assess strategically relevant information using analyses and research.


(3) Evidence of professional skills to develop strategic communication campaign materials and implementation of campaign through administration and management, planning, leadership, teamwork, and customer relations.