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The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication Online MA Strategic Communication

Online MA Faculty

Faculty in the college have leading scholar rankings for research in Advertising, Ethics, Persuasion, Media Literacy, and Public Relations. All of our faculty are connected to Murrow College and the region – serving as full time research and clinical faculty and instructors teaching classes both on site and online to undergraduate and graduate students. A small subset of our online faculty are regional alumni and area communication professionals who were hand-selected to support curriculum and teaching excellence.

Bruce200  Brett200  Pori200  Chris200

Bruce Pinkleton, Ph.D.

Brett Atwood, MS

Porismita Borah, Ph.D.

Chris Cooney, MBA

Associate Professor, Interim Dean

Research Methods

Media Strategies, Digital Content Promotion Persuasion Multimedia Content Creation, Media Strategies, Digital Content Promotion, Brand & Consumer Behavior, Professional Campaigns


 Rebecca200  Graham200  Erin200  Ruth200

Rebecca L. Cooney, MSC

Graham Dixon, Ph.D.

Erin Gallagher, Ph.D.

Ruth Gregory, MA, MFA

Media Strategies, Digital Content Promotion, Capstone Research Methods Crisis Communications, Persuasion Multimedia Content Creation


 Myiah200  Beth200  Stacey200  Bimbi200

Myiah Hutchens, Ph.D.

Beth Hindman, Ph.D.

Stacey Hust, Ph.D.

Bimbi Irom, Ph.D.

Research Methods, Persuasion Ethics Professional Campaigns Ethics


 Ryan200  Cara200  Derek200  Lisa200

Ryan Risenmay, MS

Cara Salazar, MFA

Derek Scheips, MFA

Lisa Waananen, MS

Media Strategies, Digital Content Promotion Professional Campaigns Media Strategies, Digital Content Promotion Multimedia Content Creation